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          Polycarbonate Solid Sheets
          Polycarbonate Hollow Sheets
          Polycarbonate Corrugate Sheet
          Polycarbonate Film
          PP Sheets
          Poly Styrene Sheets
        Zhuonier corporate headquarters is located in Yuchai Industrial Park in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, is Taiwan's first optical materials R & D and mass....
        Cooperated wit...
        Polycarbonate ...
        Installation B...
        Products include electronic products series, LED series, roof lighting series, agricultural greenhouse series, advertising signs, and industrial...
        Companies adhere to the "people-oriented, quality first, excellence, integrity is responsible for" business philosophy, market-oriented, and constantly...
          Address: 100# Xiang Cheng Rd Xiang cheng district Suzhou China
        Tel (Fax) :0512-65862006    E-mail: zhuonier@sheet-china.com    蘇ICP備10054351號    技術支持:易動力網絡