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        Polycarbonate Solid Sheets
        Polycarbonate Hollow Sheets
        Polycarbonate Corrugate Sheet
        Polycarbonate Film
        PP Sheets
        Poly Styrene Sheets

        Cooperated with 2010 Shanghai Expo
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        2011-02-15 14:06:37
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        Zhuo Nier Optical Materials Co.,Ltd. TOP polycarbonate solid sheet,polycarbonate hollow sheet have been chosen by 2010 Shanghai World Expo Organizing committee as the raw material for 5 pavilions.
        B1 Pavilion used more than 300 Tons polycarbonate solid sheet
        Russian Pavilion used polycarbonate solid sheet
        We still supplied polycarbonate sheet to Newzealand Pavilion,Italy Pavilion,Baosteel stage Pavilion.

          Address: 100# Xiang Cheng Rd Xiang cheng district Suzhou China
        Tel (Fax) :0512-65862006    E-mail: zhuonier@sheet-china.com    蘇ICP備10054351號    技術支持:易動力網絡